How to Manage Your Business Listing

Follow these simple steps to manage your Food Truck Track listing!

Step 1

Once you’ve claimed your food truck or venue on Food Truck Track, it’s time to start managing your business profile! We’ve made it super easy and user-friendly! While on your business’ page, you’re able to add/change information by clicking on the "Add Events and Details" button.

Step 2

From this page, you can click "Add Event" to fill in your upcoming schedule, click "Edit Logo" to upload a new logo for your truck/venue, or click "Set Location" to let everyone know where you are today.

Step 3

If you click "Add Event," you can choose the truck and venue associated with that event, and you can add the date and time of the event. You will also be prompted to give the event a title. We suggest you stick to the basics and simply include the truck and venue in the event title. Once all the information is plugged in, click "Add Event" to add it to your calendar.

Step 4

If you click "Edit Logo," you can upload a new image to represent your food truck or venue! Simply click the "Select Image File" button and choose your preferred logo, then size it to fit correctly within the box. Once your logo is sized correctly, simply hit "Submit."

Step 5

If you click "Set Location," you can set the current location for your business by providing the address, the intersection location, or the coordinates of your location. Choose whichever option will make it the easiest for your customers to find you! Once your location info is in, click "Set Location".

Step 6

On the bottom half of your businesses page, you can see your events calendar where all of the events you upload will appear. You can also click on the "Details" tab to change the details of your business (name, permanent address, website link, hours of operation, etc.).

And now you’re all set to manage your food truck or venue on Food Truck Track! Get your schedule and location out there, so your customers can enjoy all that you have to offer!